LT0702 USB interface audiometer for hearing test
LT0702 USB interface audiometer for hearing test
LT0702 USB interface audiometer for hearing test

LT0702 USB interface audiometer for hearing test

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Product Description

    LT0702 digital audiometer

Several yards electric measuring devices are described by sound

LT0702 digital electronic detector is more functional modules of computerized listening test equipment, mainly based on hearing test and the occasion required by the acoustics, digital technology, combined with the advanced CeTing occasion and technical development of microcomputer auditory assessment tools.

LT0702 digital electronic detector test, suitable for pure hospital ENT (ear-nose-throat) diagnosis and occasion, and clinical, family and determination of liquidity hearing.

The test TDH39 through air guiding headset (AC). Built-in test signal is pure, pulse, and broadband noise coronas.

0702 digital electronic detector LT - provides 11 gas (AC) test frequency, the frequency range from 125Hz to 8KHz, listening to 110dBHL from 0dBHL level.


All testing data automatically converts as pure and listen to be calculated value of PTA patients.


Simple operation of the system, the bright LED, LCD display against real speaker, frequency and each other information channels. Using advanced microprocessor technology, make use of 0702 LT - more convenient and more reliable.

Hearing of structure design of automatic test procedures, convenient in maintenance is very convenient troubleshooting and annual calibration.


PC computer interface

USB interface

The operating system


The driver

WindowXP cabin


Use are introduced

Instrument unpacking

You buy LT0702 digital electronic detector has carefully before shipment inspection and packing, please receive instrument prototype carefully check whether have damage packing. If you find any signs of damage from lift-off, please immediately notify freight units.


Please be careful, open and check outer-package of plastic packaging and whether there are any damage. If there is any mechanical damage, please immediately with freight units, ensure the rights and interests of your negotiations. Keep all original packaging, with more convenient for responsibility investigation. After investigation, please inform dealers.


Keep all original packaging materials and transportation, so need calibration and maintenance condition, can correctly packaging, to avoid damage in transit instrument.


All parts are 0702 - and LTin digital electronic detector packaging, please check the following parts are complete, intact. If there is a lack of and damaged, please immediately notify the dealer.

Standard accessories:

n 1 TDH39 gas guide headphones

n 1 patient response

n 1 power plugs

n one USB cable

n 1 cd-rom

n 1 of this manual


Electroacoustic detector calibration:

Electroacoustic detector, with the same serial number guide headset (for example: CS - 00001). Because they had been specially instrument calibration, so don't allow the use of other headphones etc. If one of the instrument must be again.

Without the use of] calibration can result in errors detector test results.


Before using the 0702 -LT

Before use, to the equipment from the box, take out TDH39 (gas) headphones or so ear plugs device designated by socket, and then insert patients with USB cable, reactor after another end insert USB line computer USB port.

0702 - in LT quiet room, to make use of digital electronic detector from outside noise. In noisy environment in order to use headphones, can use of voice. Electronic medical instrument issued a strong magnetic field, it will affect the function, thus acoustic detector 0702 digital electronic detector LT- around the use of such equipment is strictly prohibited.


The testing room must be kept in normal temperature, usually for 15 ° C to 35 ° C, just before the first test on 2 minutes before use. Preheat


Operation is introduced

1, click desktop ICONS1.jpg

2, choose"user input user information and information","user name, the test time..."(see figure 1)


(figure 1),

l new key users: select menu"user"under construction","

l remove users: select menu"user"of the"delete"

l lookup user: select menu"user"of the"search"


2, listening tests ,



As shown in figure 3 l"80"position, is expressed in the ear number electro-audiometer pure db. Output

As shown in figure 3 l"25"position, it is said in the right digital electro-audiometer pure db. Output

As shown in figure 3 l"1000"position, is that the frequency digital electro-audiometer output



as shown in figure 4 is about choice.



as shown in figure 5 shows the"+"and"-"is to adjust the frequency



CeTing is pure pure keys.

coronas keys are used when CeTing pure.

When l CeTing pure as required, just use masking white noise. If no must not use the shelter


The figure in the end is CeTing acls in"listening"screen auto-generated hearing curve ACL value.

The graph is l BCL in CeTing end in"listening"screen auto-generated hearing curve BCL value.

The figure in the end is CeTing UCL in"listening"screen auto-generated hearing curve UCL value.



The switch l diagram closes in listening, according to the health of all testing interface can be used.

Note: the switch when opening indicator is living in green. When the lights are off not bright.



l figure of both sides of the rise and drop health is to adjust the hearing about electro-audiometer level.

l diagram of blue and red by nutrilite's voice horn according to.


3, choose""listening"interface.

 shown in the hearing world is analyzed

The hearing ear l around CeTing according to the graph will automatically.

(note: don't enter again, also cannot direct hearing curve in the interface hearing curve.)

l will automatically calculated according to the listening curve PTA.

l to print customer CeTing hearing. According to"print". Customers can choose printed by listening CeTing results.


Pure test

Gas (AC) test

In total, the test of patients with total gas guide is compared to the normal total of measurement. Good ears listening test from:

n patients should sit                  

Distance detector                         

At least 1 meter.

Remove any n

Can influence

The headset

Hair, (such as:

Glasses, etc.).

n ensure headphones

Wearing red, correctly

On the right, blue on the left, adjust its wearing headphones in positive position (voice export V just to ears).

first test good ear, frequency set in 1KHz (after startup frequency automatic Settings in the examples below), 1KHz assumption for"good"the right ear.

will set to AC gas button x x Settings, buttons to pure stiffly.

The right n hearing level control knob x Settings in the hearing loss is just below.

tell a patient, if he heard test, as response.

if patients, the patient response hearing tests showed the red lights (x) and frequency sound reminders. In this case, the lower the volume knob through x. Continue to repeat the operation.

if patients without hearing test, through listening level control knob raise volume, continue to x repeats the operation.

When you get a stable threshold, you can go to the test other frequency, the system will automatically records of patients to listen.

continue to test different frequency 1KHz began to measure the first 1KHz prep above, below, then frequency measurement of frequency 1KHz.

use frequency is rising button x choice higher frequencies, using the frequency decrease button x choose lower frequency.

choose a frequency, increased again, and repeat the hearing test process.

In all n frequency of the test is completed, choose all the ear, weak repeat total test. You can after press left/right channel choice to button x. Through the control of the right to adjust the volume button x. The volume of inaudible noise level by listening to the left key x control.


Note: if there are required pulse, usable also pulse test. The sound Press the button x, PULSE pure will become 0.25 SEC start-up and shut-down 0.25 SEC. The PULSE

Note: if there are required coronas, usable also coronas sound. Press the button x, pure Wable frequency modulation of will. Sound can also and coronas appear above coronas pulse.

For health reasons, often clean headphones cushion is very important (see chapter 9).


Don't comfortable threshold (UCL) test

UCL test can measure by pure acoustic testing.

Objective to determine the discomfort with the test data, the dB to determine the patient dynamic range is very important to limit for correct selection, hearing and determine whether the patient has revitalize phenomenon.


Warning! To test using a sound at UCL beware lest hurt therefore test and ears. In order to prevent the patient from extreme discomfort, the most comfortable with pressure groups began testing is very important. UCL's level between ring and very loud. 

Hold UCL choose button x.

n according to section 4.1 described, with 60dBHL level started testing.

n launch brief notes (1 SEC).

n when patients did not feel uncomfortable when, improve the level and mentioned as.

n if signal that patients not comfortable, the system can automatically record this value.

n continue in other various frequency testing.

To be on the safe side, please notice clean headphones and ear pads.

Masking theory

In order to ensure that the patients are not cross transfer effect, you must cover another ear. Masking raises the ear of the total. By noise masking, noise signal transmission through headphones. For determination of narrow-band pure, hearing the noise. According to the test signal noise frequency and change its center frequency.



If you need to use masking, please follow the general rules of shelter. Masking is listening practice is an important component of the determination, familiar with the subject is necessary, can avoid to cause an error diagnosis.


through the channel selection, and select button x x control key masking interrupt you test the ears. For the other ear will automatically set broadband masking noise.


through listening level control knob x adjust masking volume required.attention! In order to effectively masking, the signal is always appear. You may be interrupted by pressing the button x to the corresponding inaudible noise interrupted

Patient listening test report

Choose an an key, the system will appear with the graph and the test, then click"PTA values can be printed out locate 14, 20: PRINT"all test information. Patients,

 PC computer interface: USB

Operating system: WindowXP

Driver:WindowXP own

Technical parameters

Output:Air conduction/bone conduction

Masking; NB/WN/SN/PN

Maximun HL air conduction/bone conductin: 110DB/70DB

Noise/square wave

Attenuation step length: IdB+5dB

External Printer :Please purchase by yourself

Sound field calibration:Internal/external voice/ tone

Earphone:Medical headset

Monitor : Internal/external

Structure:Metal case

Frequency and maximum output intensity  

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  • Type:Visual Acuity Examination Apparatus
  • Brand Name:leyte
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:LT0702
  • Instrument classification:Class II