LTCR01B 20 channel auto esr analyzer meter
LTCR01B 20 channel auto esr analyzer meter

LTCR01B 20 channel auto esr analyzer meter

Model NO.
USD 1,500.00-1,700.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
1000.0 set / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Max test speed::40 samples/hour
  • Display::240 X 128 LCD display
  • N weight::9KG
  • Printer::External inkjet printers
  • Suited ESR tube::1.6ml ESR tube(vacuum or normal)
  • Read resolution:±0.2mm(westergren method result±1mm)
  • Test time ::The test time is 30 minutes, equivalents to 1 hour
  • Power::12V(SELV) by external power supply
  • configured filter::340,405,510,546,630, total up to 9 filters configuration
  • Dimensions::450mmX305 mmX185 mm
  • Type:Blood Analysis SYstem
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • After-sale Service:Online technical support
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Brand Name:leytemed
  • Model Number:LTCR01B
Product Description
20 Channel ESR Analyzer For Laboratory
Specifications :
Number of test samples : 20 items at the same time
Max test speed : 40 samples/hour
Suited ESR tube: 1.6ml ESR tube(vacuum or normal)
Samples volume : 1.6 ml anticoagulant blood(blood 1.28ml+anticoagulant0.32ml), the height of the inputting tube 60 mm
Accuracy range of sample: 50mm~64mm
Read resolution : ±0.2mm(westergren method result±1mm)
Interval of reading :1 minute
Test time :The test time is 30 minutes, equivalents to 1 hour
westergren method: The test time is 60 minutes, equivalents to 2 hour westergren method
Display:128×240 LCD screen
Power: 12V(SELV) by external power supply
Display: 240 × 128 LCD display;
Printer: External inkjet printers;Cuvette : 32ul/1cm titanium / quartz movement colorimetric cell;
Light source: 20W/12V quartz halogen tungsten lamp;wavelength range (nm) :340-750;
Detection range: -0.100 ~ 3.500;
5 filters ( 340, 405, 510, 546, 630 nm)
Output Resolution (A): 0.001;
detection temperature (°C): 25,30,37;
configured filter: 340,405,510,546,630, total up to 9 filters configuration;
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: 450mm×305 mm×185 mm

Working principle and structure characteristic
The equipment uses the infrared obstacle detection method, scan the tested blood regularly, and automatically detect the
sub-interface of red cells and plasma from time to time. The tested data will be converted into results of Wechsler by computer processing. This can be displayed on the LCD screen or printer and can also be transmitted through the serial interface to a computer.
The instrument makes up detection of the host (include infrared detection devices, computer control systems, thermal printer) and the adaptive power supply (SELV) .
The instrument has the large display apparatus; the interface is simple appearance and has the film keyboard operation. The operation is simple and convenient. The instrument has highly automatic functions which can work at any time and continuously detect.
The main performance indicators and the work of environmental requirements
Normal working conditions
a)Relative humidity:≤70%;
b)Away from strong sources of electromagnetic interference ;
c)Prevent dust and vibration, air mustn’t contain corrosive gases, pollution level 2 ;
d)Power:220×(1±10 %)V,50×(1 ±2 %)Hz;
e)Input power:40×(1+10%)VA;
f)Environment with good grounding, transient over-voltage category of Class Ⅱ ;
g)5-minute warm-up time boot.
Environmental conditions of storage and transportation
(a)Ambient temperature range : -20℃~+55℃;
(1) Relative humidity range: ≤93%;
(2) Atmospheric pressure range : 500hpa~1060hpa;
(3) No corrosive gas, a well-ventilated.
Basic parameters
a) Test a sample bit: Instrument detection of up to 10 samples at the same time;
b) The maximum detection rate: 20 samples / h;
c) Blood sedimentation tube: After the State Drug Administration of the registered register vacuum,blood sedimentation tube φ8.3 * 120 vacuum tubes ( ordinary blood sedimentation tube)
d) Sample size : blood drawing 1.60ml+ anticoagulant agent 0.4ml;
e)The permissible error of adding the samples range:50mm ~ 64mm;
f)Instrument readings resolution : ±0.1mm (results of Wechsler±1mm);
g)Reading time interval :1 minute;
h) Testing Time: 30 minutes, which is equivalent to 1 hour Wechsler; the testing time of equipment is 60 minutes, which is
equivalent to two hours Wechsler;
i) Display: 128x240 dot matrix LCD screen
j) Power Supply: Instrument from an external 12V DC adapter power supply voltage (SELV);
k) Outside measurement :310 x 190 x 180 (mm);
l) Quality:4.8kg;
Technical requirements
a)Testing range:0—140 mm/h(results of Wechsler);
b)Testing relevance:Wechsler results of the linear correlation coefficient r≥0.98;
c)Testing repetitive : CV < 3% ;
Main function
a)Sample Adding Method : Insert the sample any time; detect the sample any time;
b)The output of the results:Display and print samples’ No. (serial number), Wechsler results and the whole process of erythrocyte sedimentation rate curve, detection time and temperature; when the instrument detection time is 60 minutes, it can automatically calculate, display and print Katz index;
c)Instrument can choose the ambient temperature compensation. When selecting the function, when the room temperature is 18 ℃ -30 ℃, it amends to 18 ℃ according to the blood sedimentation calibration test results. (It can be selected in accordance with laboratory, the default of equipment is no compensated);
d)Equipment can be stored not less than 150 samples of the test results, including the sample number (serial number), erythrocyte sedimentation rate values and the dynamic curve;
e)There are power-off protection function, when a sudden power failure, automatic detection has been completed the tested results.
f)Built-in thermal printer preparation equipment, it has automatic, manual printing options.
g)Operation interface: Film keyboard operation;
h)Communication Interface: RS-232 serial interface;
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